About Atlanta Jazz Preservation Society, Inc.

The Atlanta Jazz Preservation Society, Inc is a non-profit founded on and dedicated to globally promoting, producing and preserving the American Art form of JAZZ while supporting environmental issues and communities where we do business.

We were founded in 1990 by Phil and Lee Carroll. It is said that they decided they had travelled to enough similar events around the Country and felt the desire to take a chance and create a "Party" like event where friends and family could come together each spring in Atlanta. The recipe was simple; one stage, a Cabaret Ballroom with dance floors, 24 internationally recognized All-Star performers. It's a recipe that has worked and received international recognition. The next 20 years produced some of the most memorable events of our lives. We've produced and recorded nearly 20 Recordings that you can find today on Amazon, Target and iTunes! Our recordings were the 'brainchildren' of our dear Jazz friends Wendol Echols, George H. Buck and Dad. 2008 marked the passing of Mr. 'Phil Carroll' Jazz (my dad) and among his last wishes was that we pull off the 20th Atlanta Jazz Party! If you can imagine the scene, dad literally beckons me to his bedside. I'm convinced he's about to tell me something like "take care of your mother, you're the man of the house now" ..NOPE! Rather, "son you have to keep the party going!" All kidding aside, Mom was at the top of his concerns but this is a true story!

We have worked hard to keep the 'Party' alive and with all of your continued support we will continue for another twenty years until we throw in the towel and hand it over DAD's grandkids Philip (Trey) Carroll III, Jesse, Jamie, Parrish, Alexandria and Huelani! Support Live Jazz !!!

"Our Clients include Westin (Starwood Resorts), Price Waterhouse Coopers, Atlanta's Chastain Horse Club, The Atlanta Country Club, Pastis Dining and Dancing in Historic Roswell, Party Chic of Roswell and the City of Roswell."